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Have you been searching for a quality portable office building? Look no further than Sean Jordan Cabins! We are a portable cabins manufacturer based in Northern Ireland, and have grown to be one of the leading suppliers of portable office cabins in the UK & Ireland. You can buy your portable office cabin pre-built or we can customise it to suit your office unit requirements. We strive for a high level of customer satisfaction, with our friendly team trained in dealing with all types of portable office cabin enquiries. We offer a delivery service for our office cabins UK & Ireland wide, with worldwide delivery also available.


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FAQs about our Portable Office Cabins


What are the benefits of a portable office cabin?

Portable office cabins, also referred to as prefabricated office buildings or mobile office units, offer a range of practical solutions for a variety of business requirements. Some of the advantages of using a portable office unit in the UK and Ireland include:

Portability of our Office Cabins – The primary benefit of a portable office cabin is in the name, its portability! With low-fuss set-up, portable office cabins offer a unique solution to a bricks and mortar office building. With transport and set up of your office unit suitable for any location, they offer the ideal arrangement for temporary and remote office sites.

Cost-effective Portable Office Units – Our office cabins offer a cost-effective option when compared to a permanent office building. Built using state-of-the-art materials and features, our office cabins are durable, comfortable and versatile, serving as a brilliant option for your business needs.

Customisable Portable Office Cabins – We are skilled portable office cabins manufacturers and suppliers. Our office unit specialists will follow all instructions you provide, to leave you satisfied with your new portable office workspace.


What industries would benefit from a portable office cabin?

As we provide custom-made portable office cabins, we can build specialist portable office cabins for any industry! We can provide portable office units for construction, events management, agriculture, healthcare, film production, telecommunications, retail and any other industry that requires office space. Due to their versatility, our portable office cabins offer a cost-effective and practical alternative for any type of business.


Can I rent a portable office cabin from Sean Jordan Cabins?

Unfortunately, Sean Jordan Cabins does not offer a rental service for any of our portable buildings. However, due to our portable office cabins customisability, we can build a portable office unit that is cost-effective, easy to dismantle, and provide an office space that retains a high resale value for when you no longer require your portable office cabin.


How much is a portable office cabin?

The price of our portable office cabins is dependent on the customer requirements. The cost will vary when considering the portable office cabin size, specification and customisable requirements. Our portable office cabins can range anywhere from £5000 and £30000, this is a rough estimate for a portable office unit but can vary depending on a range of factors. Please contact us so we can provide a more accurate quote.


Our Portable Office Cabin Specifications & Features

Our anti-vandal office units are custom-built and come in a range of various sizes & features. From open plan offices, site offices, meeting rooms, to job specific built cabins with multi-office & utilities layout. All anti-vandal office units are insulated & lined out in vinyl faced plasterboard & fitted with LED lighting, data trunking, double sockets double glazed windows, & an anti-vandal shutters & doors.

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    Modular Block Cabins

    Our Anti Vandal Modular Block Cabins are custom built and come with a range of various sizes & features. The principle feature of the modular block cabin is that it allows the client to have access to all the facilities the client requires, (ie storage, welfare, offices, canteens, meeting rooms) in the one block.

    UK & ireland wide

    We deliver the highest quality cabins to all parts of the Uk and Ireland. We can create specialist items and deliver it anywhere in the world if required.

    custom built

    Our cabins come pre-built or custom made. We can design and manufacture cabins, welfare units, site accommodation and acoustic enclosures. If you can think we can make it!

    built to spec

    Here at Sean Jordan Cabins we pride ourselves on working hand and hand with customer to fit there needs. We work to schedule and budget to deliver the best product available.

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    Contact us today to get the best quote for your cabins needs. We pride ourselves on quality, price and above all our renowned customer service and after sales support.